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Hello once again from the Dahlia Doctor!

How did your Dahlia’s grow this year? If yours grew at all like ours, the answer would be both GREAT! And…not so great (for some reason some of our dahlias plants were short and stumpy this year….)

Luckily for us, growing Dahlias is as much about the joy of working in the soil, tending to the plants, enjoying being outdoors, getting a little exercise, and being proud parents to the colorful, unique blooms when they arrive. Which they certainly did!

Here in Minnesota, the days are quickly getting shorter as the temperature steadily drops and we prepare for winter. Because we see the Dahlias still full of life and blooming like crazy this time of year, it is an inner struggle to do the right thing: to cut them down and get them ready to be stored over winter.

Here are Doc and I getting the job done. Of course he didn’t think it was important to slow down for a photo….

Once a hard frost has occurred (which came on October 11th here in Minneapolis), it is safe to cut down the dahlia foliage, dig up the tubers, wash them off, and store them in their special peat moss bed for the winter.

We would love to hear from you and see photos of your Dahlia flowers from over the summer! You can email us at Thank you!

Doc and Bonnie